Dee Potter

Civil Celebrant

Dee Potter is regarded as one of Tasmania’s most respected marriage celebrants. Her signature style is a ceremony of relaxed elegance, tailored to the wishes of the couple.

Offering all celebrant services including weddings, renewals, commitment and name giving ceremonies.

I have conducted personalised wedding, renewal and commitment ceremonies for many public figures, couples from Tasmania and the mainland, as well as overseas couples who never fail to be fascinated with our beautiful island.

Feel free to phone me on 0438 133 661 or 03 6391 1162, so that we can meet and discuss your very special day.


Your wedding is one of the most treasured days of your life and it is fitting that your wedding is celebrated in a place which is special to both of you, whether it be the mountain, beach, boat, national park, country, town or city.

Let me help you plan your perfect day – it would be my honour to celebrate your love and commitment – either in a private ceremony or with family and friends – in a way which is beautiful and memorable.

I have many ceremonies for you to choose from and I encourage you to create your own, reflecting your philosophies and principles while at the same time, ensuring your background and personal requirements are respected.

You can be assured that your beautiful day will be approached with the highest degree of professionalism.

Feel free to phone me on 0438 133 661 or 03 6391 1162, so that we can meet and discuss your very special day.

Let me take the stress out of your planning…

Under the Marriage Act 1961, a Notice of Intended Marriage Form 13 must be completed prior to an intended marriage being solemnised.

Are you enquiring from overseas or interstate? Let me make it simple for you!

I celebrate many weddings for people just like yourselves.

I am well versed in the legalities of arranging a marriage in Australia whether you are from overseas or interstate.

During my time as a Celebrant I have celebrated marriages for people from South America, USA, UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Canada, Japan, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Vietnam and Sudan and couples living in all Australian states.

I understand the legal process in making a marriage happen and happily assist with all the steps required for you to celebrate your happy day.

I would love to hear from you.

“Dear Dee, thank you very much for helping to make our wedding so special. We have had many compliments about our ‘wonderful celebrant’ – so congratulations and thanks!”

– Sharon and Tom


Renewal of Vows is a lovely way to renew your commitment to your partner. Often a ceremony such as this is celebrated on an anniversary.

It is reassuring to think that many renewals have been at the instigation of the husband who has invited friends and family around for a drink, only to tell his wife that I have arrived and he has organised a surprise for her.

The ceremony can take whatever form you would like, whether it be similar to your original wedding ceremony or something completely different. Often couples renew their vows if they have been married overseas. For the bride, it is a great opportunity to wear her wedding dress again and a lovely way to celebrate with family and friends who could not be at your wedding.


A commitment ceremony is a wonderful way for couples to declare their love to each other in private or in the presence of their family and friends.

A ceremony such as this can take on any form and I encourage couples to reflect their own philosophy and values when choosing their special ceremony.

A commitment may take the form of a wedding minus a marriage certificate, or it can be the promise of same sex couples to spend their life together. Either way they are beautiful ceremonies.

Tasmania is in the fortunate position for same sex couples to register their relationship with the Tasmanian Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

“You are my partner for life, my equal and my strength and today I commit myself to you.”

Name givings

Name giving ceremonies are not new, they are almost as old as the human race. In Roman times, a son was not a legal member of the family until the father had him named in a ceremony.

Today. these lovely ceremonies are an occasion when a new birth is celebrated and a child is welcomed into our world. Family relationships are deepened and parents are reminded of their responsibilities.

This is an excellent occasion for the cultural expression of joy, hope and acceptance. Many couples choose to have a ‘naming ceremony’ where guardians are appointed, leaving the child free to make up his or her mind about future religious alternatives.

As a celebrant, it is wonderful to be invited to celebrate the birth of a little new one, especially after having married the parents.

“We all agree to call you Tiffany Jane Taylor. We therefore name you Tiffany Jane Taylor. We wish you long life and happiness in a loving and peaceful world”

Legal information

There is a wealth of legal information available to read online.
Two links of interest are:


There are so many options when it comes to choosing the words for your ceremony. I have written many ceremonies for couples and I would be happy to share with you when preparing your own special day.

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…I can help you.